Conveyor Belts

We are specialized in the construction of conveyor belts for the food industry, taking particular care of the sanitisation process. The belts can also be C.I.P. washable, with covers and hydraulic circuit. We design and build Intralox modular belts with slope changes, curve and "spiral" belts.

We engineer tape belts with quick release system for tensioning and loosening the belt in a few seconds, facilitating cleaning and tape extraction. They can be manufactured with traditional or new generation (polyurethane) belts. For applications where maximum cleanliness is required, they can be made also with an open structure (central tube).

We produce conveyors with ARB Intralox technology, for handling goods by means of rollers integrated in the belt which, once activated, can move, rotate, align, transfer, or accelerate the conveyed product without need for electrical controls.